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MSU basketball has "Sister Spartan" in Okemos nun

Flickr User my_southborough

You might see more green than usual this weekend since the Spartans entered the Final Four of March Madness.

But for one fan in particular, sporting green is the usual. Sister Pat Newhouse is a nun at Saint Martha Catholic Church in Okemos.

She said for the past 16 years she's dressed up in Spartan outfits for basketball games and even has a Spartan Christmas tree, year-round.

During March Madness, Sister Pat hasn't been able to fly to the games, but she said she's still there in spirit.

"They had 2 minutes to play and I had to go to the prayer sevice. When I turned the TV off to go to the prayer service, I said, 'Dear Lord, it's all in your hands, take care, let's win this game', and we won it."

Newhouse said she has all her sisters praying for the Spartans this weekend and she hopes they'll go all the way.