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Consultant says MSU might face civil fines but retain federal student aid funding

Flickr User Joel Dinda

The U.S. Department of Education will decide whether Michigan State University will face financial penalties for failing to report crimes on campus and warn students of possible dangers.

The department says MSU violated the Clery Act, the federal law that requires universities to report crime statistics and alert students to potential threats.  A report blames MSU for a “lack of administrative capability” which could have promoted a safer environment.  S. Daniel Carter is president of the consulting group SAFE Campuses.  He says with some effort, MSU might escape some monetary sanctions.

“If it’s remedied, Michigan State University is unlikely to face any loss of federal student aid.  They are, however, most likely still going to face significant civil penalties.”

Under the law, Carter says each civil penalty the government deems valid could cost MSU up to $56 thousand.  The university is expected to respond to the report by February 12.