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State of Emergency keeping responders ready to help when needed

Flickr User Susanne Nilsson

Governor Gretchen Whitmer stopped by the State’s Emergency Command Center Wednesday morning to see how officials were responding to the first day of frigid temperatures.

Governor Whitmer received briefings from agency officials responding to the severe winter weather.

She says she declared a state emergency because she wanted people to understand the seriousness of the extreme cold.

“We just want to make sure people understand the severity of the weather out there. And that, they are prepared. It’s not just the person who’s risking it by getting outside, it’s our first responders who may have to show up on the scene, and so it’s important that people understand the magnitude of the issue.”

Captain Emmit McGowan is with the Michigan State Police. He says local communities are handling all requests for help for now, but the state police are ready to step in if they’re needed.

"During this emergency. The locals have this wrapped. We’re just in a ready position."

With temperatures expected to remain dangerously low through Thursday the Governor has ordered all state offices to stay closed.