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Medical Marijuana licensees granted reprieve

Flickr User MarihuanayMedicina

Facilities licensed to sell medical marihuana were granted a temporary reprieve by the state’s regulatory agency Friday.

The Board of Medical Marihuana licensing passed a resolution that allows for provisioning centers, growers and processors to accept marihuana from licensed caregivers while regulated medical marihuana makes its way into the market.

A spokesman for the Bureau of Marijuana Regulation says the rule change is about maintaining access for patients as the bureau tries to close the gap of licensed facilities and those operating under temporary emergency rules.

Board member Donald Bailey opposed the rule change, he says sees it as hypocritical.

“We just went ahead and said, ‘Okay, you can do that now.’ When you can’t do that, it’s still against the law. Until this board grants licenses it’s still illegal.”        

All three other members of the licensing board voted in favor of the measure.