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New administrations get ready for January 1st

Flickr User Pkay Chelle

A new administration is getting ready to take over in Lansing for offices like the governor, attorney general and secretary of state.

Cheyna Roth brings us a look at what the transition process is like.

Soon after the midterm election, the soon to be new governor, attorney general, and secretary of state started to announce their transition teams. These are the people who will try to make sure there’s a seamless transition of power from one administration to another. The staff of the current office holder also helps out.

Matt Resch owns a communications and public relations firm in Lansing. He says there are three types of people on these teams.

“The people who are going to do all the work, the people who try to get on them so they can get their names in the paper, or the people whose names will get the attention of people. And I think there’s a combination of all three of those on these.”

The transition teams include former federal and state lawmakers, business leaders and philanthropists.