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Kalamazoo to hold ceremonies to mark hundred-year anniversary of end of WWI

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Ceremonies will take place in Kalamazoo on Sunday to mark the hundred-year anniversary of the end of World War One. Sehvilla Mann has more.

More than 130-thousand men and women from Michigan served in World War One. About 25-hundred came from Kalamazoo.

“And 114 of those young men never returned home.”

Elizabeth Kraatz is with the Lucinda Hinsdale Stone chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The First World War took the lives of about 117-thousand Americans, and a staggering 20-million people in all. But Kraatz suggests that in the United States the war is sometimes forgotten.

“For one night, we will be making Bronson Park at the heart of our community a glowing memorial to World War I with a luminarium.”

That event is one of several Kalamazoo memorials scheduled for Sunday.