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Man creates app based on Michigan roads

Flickr User DDohler

In case you can’t get enough of Michigan potholes, you can now “enjoy” the virtual experience. A Michigan man has created an app to bring the experience of driving on Michigan roads to anyone with a smart device.


“Get Up North” is a free app where users swipe between lanes to avoid hitting traffic cones, deer, and of course  potholes. Along the way, you collect pop which cans can be used to upgrade vehicles and unlock advanced levels.

Joey Stinson is a Michigan resident and creative director at Shiatown Media, which created the app.  He said the idea came to him during the heavy snow in April when he and his friend were trying to avoiding potholes on a trip up north.

“He started like swerving to avoid them, and because they were back roads not many people on the road, we would pretty much be driving in the left hand lane to avoid potholes. Well to pass the time everytime he hit a pothole I would give him negative one points, so we kind of made a game like how many potholes can we avoid without hitting them.”

Stinson said players have to get up north to win the game, which logs in at 300 miles.

He said he hopes to eventually release other Michigan based games.

A link to the Get Up North app is here.