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WWI memorial in Gladwin nearly restored

Flickr User Dan Callahan

A nearly hundred year old WWI memorial in Gladwin County has gotten a much-needed facelift.

The monument was built in 1925, and has deteriorated significantly over the years.

Ed Rackwitz is on the Beaverton City Council. He said the community worked for months to raise the funds needed to restore the memorial.

“It’s not complete yet but the memorial itself has been restored, and it’s actually an enhanced restoration it’s colorized now.”

Rackwitz said while restoration work is complete, there are still other plans for the memorial. He said one potential addition is a plaque with the names of fallen WWI soldiers from Gladwin County.

Rackwitz said over 25,000 dollars was raised for the restoration project.

A rededication of the memorial is planned for June 30th at 10am at Ross Lake Park.