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Influential business and education groups join forces to improve education

Flickr User Dean Hochman

Some of Michigan’s most influential business and education groups say they plan to work together to improve the state’s education system.

The coalition officially unveiled “Launch Michigan” in Lansing Wednesday.

Doug Rothwell is the president of Business Leaders of Michigan. He calls this a transformational moment:

“The reality is today Michigan faces a talent shortage.  We’re creating jobs faster than we’re able to develop the talent to fill them. And this problem is only going to grow worse because too many of our kids are graduating without the skills they need to be successful.”

Coalition members say they will start by working on policies and strategies they already agree on and work from there.

Wanda Cook-Robinson is the Oakland Schools Superintendent.  She says despite their differences, the leaders promise to work together:


“There’s a commitment to see this through.  We’ve already had several meetings.  We started with where we agree.  And believe it or not, it was a little bigger than this. But we’re going to build on that.”