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Video shows Mackinac Bridge walk options for this Labor Day

Flickr User Hongwu Zhao

The Mackinac Bridge Authority has released a video showing walkers their options for this year’s Labor Day weekend Bridge Walk.

This year, like last year, the bridge be closed until noon to all public traffic other than emergency vehicles.

This year will be the first year, however, that walkers won’t have buses to take them back to their starting point.Instead bridge walkers have a few options.

Bob Sweeney is Chief Executive Officer of the Mackinac Bridge Authority. He said one option is walking halfway across the bridge and turning around to return to the side where you started.

“If you want to walk halfway to the bridge you have to get out there by 10 o’clock. At 10 o’clock we’re going to start moving the turn around point closer to each end of the bridge, so we’ll allow people to keep walking until as late as 11:30 but they’re just going to have a much shorter walk if they decide to walk that late.”

Sweeney said walkers can also start at one end, walk the full length of the bridge and walk back to the side they started, or they can walk the full length of the bridge and arrange for a ride back.


A link to the video is here.