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Areas of Michigan continue to flood

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Flooding continues to plague communities around Michigan.

Communities around Michigan are experiencing flooding as water at the surface and underground rises to the highest point in years. In some places, homeowners have seen their yards and basements fill up with water. Kalamazoo County Drain Commissioner Pat Crowley says the land far away from rivers sometimes has the most trouble, because it can take longer to drain.

"If you live close to river, the bad news is that you flood quickly, but sometimes you clean up and dry up more quickly."

Geologists say Michigan is at a high point in a natural ebb and flow of water levels. They say things could stay wet or dry out some this summer, depending on how much falls.

That’s left some people with standing water in their basements and yards. Western Michigan University geologist Allan Kehew says it’s natural for water levels to fluctuate.

"We’re just apparently at one of the very peaks right now."

Kehew says how long the water stays high depends on how much rain falls in the next few months.