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Arauco plant expected to be operational in the fall

Flickr User Matt Mattila

After two years of construction, a particleboard plant in Grayling is nearing completion.


The plant has already hired more than a hundred employees out of more than 200 it needs for a full workforce.

Arauco officials said new employees will be trained over the next few months on the equipment the plant will use.

Matthew Gibbon is the plant manager for Arauco in Grayling.

“It’s been going fairly smooth. This is a huge project and very complex, you have to find answers to things as they come up on a daily basis but everything’s going well and we’re really happy with the results so far.”

Gibbon said construction began 2016, and as of this month the plant is 65 percent complete. He said as long as construction stays on track, the plant will open in the fall.