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More women come forward against former MSU dean linked to Larry Nassar

flickr user: infrogmation of new orleans

A former Michigan State University dean is accused of using practice medical exams for his own sexual pleasure.

William Strampel has already been charged with multiple crimes related to sexually assaulting and harassing former MSU students.

Strampel is charged with groping and making suggestive remarks to several women. Prosecutors say he used his position at the university to harass and degrade female students. Now prosecutors want to boost their case through the testimony of two more women.

According to court documents, two women say Strampel asked them to be “clinical skills models.” One woman says Strampel performed examinations on her naked body in front of students. After this happened about 10 times, Strampel said the exams quote “Turned him on.”

Prosecutors say Strampel acted with the quote – “cover of legitimate medical procedures, conducted for his own sexual gratification.”