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Bill About Car Breathalyzers By Michigan Parents Introduced

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A bill introduced in Lansing would give parents the option to place interlock ignition breathalyzers in the family car without the device reporting violations to state officials .

An interlock device prevents a car from starting if the driver blows above the legal limit.

Republican Senator Rick Jones, who sponsored the bill, said state law currently requires that the device also notify the Secretary of State. His proposal would remove that requirement… he said helping parents keep their college aged children safe.

“Many parents have come to me and said, ‘I’m very nervous about sending my son or daughter to go to college and having them drink and drive,” Jones said. “And I would like to place a breathalyzer interlock into my own car.’ So my bill allows a citizen to place a breathalyzer interlock into their own car so their teenager can’t drive under the influence.”

He said parents have come to him about concerns for their college-aged students and driving under the influence.


“Under current law, any interlock device must report to the Secretary of State. Well, what this allows is for people to rent their own device, would not make any reports to the Secretary of State or anybody else. The parents would control it.”  

Jones says he hopes to have a hearing for the bill within a week.