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Hundreds show up against Richard Spencer at Michigan State University

Recent MSU graduate, Ian Wendrow

Hundreds of protestors clashed with law enforcement and white supremacists at Michigan State University Monday.


Law enforcement formed a human wall to try and separate protestors and people trying to attend a Richard Spencer speech. When protestors and Spencer supporters did meet, there was often yelling and physical violence. Protestors tried to push the attendees back and threw water bottles, sticks and other objects at them.

Duncan Tarr is with one group that organized the protest. He says people came from all over the community and Midwest.

“Like really took a stand against the Alt-Right and Richard Spencer’s movement and just put our bodies in the road and said you can’t go to this event.”

Ian Wendrow is a recent MSU graduate. He carried a wooden sign he made with his father. It’s a flag with red and black and a Star of David in the middle.

“My grandparents escaped from the Nazis and so more or less just showing that you’ve tried, you’ve failed, I’m still here, we’re always going to be here.”

MSU senior Olivia Franklin showed up to protest the address.

“This big event and us being here, although it’s bringing attention to Richard Spencer it’s bringing attention to ‘wow this is still a thing, we should work to stop that.’”

Some demonstrators threw rocks, fruit, and water bottles at people entering the rally. Protestors began to gather around noon across the street from the pavilion.