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Veterans park in Wexford County a work in progress

Flickr User Fort Rucker

A park is being built in Wexford County in honor of veterans across the state. Construction has begun, but much of the park is still in the planning stage.

After a recent donation, the park will now cover 50 acres. A welcome center has been built by area veterans, and is now operational.

Dr. Roger Bandeen is director of Veterans Serving Veterans Incorporated, the nonprofit that began acquiring land for the park. He said there are a number of reasons the park is necessary.

“Veterans could go any time of day any day of the year. PTSD does not have any time clock it’s like an onion as layers come off, I think it’s important the veterans have a place to go where they can reconnect with other veterans, the community and is necessary spiritually.”

Bandeen said there are plans to include a playground, war memorials, two ponds, a chapel, and a 4,000 seat amphitheater.

He said there is no solid completion date for the park, that it all depends on fundraising efforts to keep the ball rolling.