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Genesee County nonprofit provides free straw bedding for pets

Flickr user Manu

A Genesee County nonprofit is working to provide relief for pets who have to be left out in the cold.

Flint area nonprofit, Helping Orphaned Pets through Education, or HOPE has set up a free straw bedding station in Mt. Morris Township to help provide warmth for pets that can’t be brought inside.

Char Mozader is the group president. She estimated there are more than 10,000 cats and dogs left outside in the cold in Genesee County alone.

“People can’t stand outside in this kind of weather even with coats and boots on without freezing themselves. So, we are trying to bring awareness to people so they know that there’s something that can be done for these animals. It’s just sad to hear of an animal freezing to death on a porch when there’s a door three feet away”.

Mozader said she’s happy to see so many people coming together to help animals. the straw was donated by local farmers. Organizations in North Branch and Saline have also set up free bedding stations.  

“What’s really cool about it is we created this station and somebody in North Branch decided they were going to do it also. Then somebody in Saline decided they were going to do it also. So, it’s definitely spreading, and that’s awesome.

Mozader said her group is also collecting dog houses to give away to pet owners in need.


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