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Michigan shoots down hunter’s pink to stick with classic orange

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Deer season is approaching but the possibility to see hunters wearing pink instead of orange is not.

Seven states allow firearm hunters to wear pink as an alternative to hunters-orange in the woods. Michigan lawmakers looked into making Michigan number eight. They said after conducting research they’ve decided to stick with classic hunter’s orange.

David Durkee is the Assistant Dean of the College of Optometry at Ferris State University. He said from a scientific standpoint the state made the right decision.

“Pink is a little closer to the red end of the spectrum than say orange is. So, if I were to put any kind of science behind it at all and just look at the wavelength period. Orange compared to red it takes a brighter red to see it than it would an orange”.

Tom Wanless is the Hunter Education Administrator for the state of Michigan.

“We are not saying that you cannot wear pink, or purple, or blue. If wearing those colors make you feel more comfortable or make you feel more safe, whatever the case may be, go ahead and wear them. As long as you still wear hunter orange, our hunter orange requirement, which is at least a cap that can be seen in all directions”.

Wanless said since the late 70’s when orange became required, hunting related accidents have decreased.