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Northern Michigan arts community raises funds for hurricane victims

Hearts for Houston

The arts community of Northern Michigan is coming together to raise funds for communities impacted by hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

The project is spearheaded by teachers at Concord Academy, a Petoskey charter school.

Josh Van Horn is a teacher at the Academy. He said originally the idea was to use student art to aid Harvey, but the idea grew.

“We are trying to gather the entire Northern Michigan arts community and bring them together as one strong front to help out with the victims of both hurricanes. It’s called Hearts for Houston because before Hurricane Irma hit we started it for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. We expanded from there.”

Van Horn said it was important for him to show his students the power art can have.

“I’d just been thinking about what can I do to start my students off this year with something to show them of the arts, the power that they have to take something from their mind, put it onto paper, and just inspire somebody.”

Van Horn said he wants artists from across northern Michigan to pitch in.

“It’s not necessarily a Concord Petoskey event it’s a northern Michigan event. We’re really trying to gather all the artists and performers just to come together to do something great for the United States.”

Van Horn said money will be donated to the Greater Houston Community Foundation and the Global Giving Hurricane Irma Relief Fund.

The event will be held Mackinaw Trail Winery on September 28th.

For more information on the event Hearts for Harvey on facebook or email Van Horn at