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Police warn drivers of the dangers of the sun following mother and son killed in car accident

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Funeral services are planned this week for an Isabella county woman and her 19-year old son. The two died Friday morning  when they rear ended an empty school bus. Police say the crash was likely caused by the late rising fall sun.

In early fall, the sun if often cresting the horizon just as students are being picked up for school.

Michael Main is the Isabella county Sheriff. He said eastbound drivers can find themselves  blinded by the light and need to use extra caution.

“A couple times a year unfortunately it's both in the spring and the fall the sun lines up pretty bright right in our eyes. So, you know, on those days, even when it's foggy out speed has to slow down. You have to be prepared for anything and everything slow drivers, or bicyclists, or amish, or this case school bus”.

Main said people need to drive according to the conditions. He said give yourself a little extra time, particularly for an eastbound morning commute.