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Survey shows daughters would rather talk to fathers about relationships

Flickr User Hernan Pinera

When it comes to the birds and the bees, it turns out daughters prefer to have “the talk” with their fathers instead of their mothers.


The study comes from the National Campaign to Prevent and End Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

It also found that even though daughters may prefer to have “the talk” with their fathers… their fathers don’t necessarily feel the same way. Many reported being uncomfortable discussing things like pregnancy, birth control, and relationships with their daughters, says the organization’s Bill Albert.

“What we have found time and again is that parents have a crisis of confidence when it comes to their kids decisions on relationships and contraception and sex. They feel that they have lost their kids to the influence of peers and popular culture.”

Albert said fathers should know that their daughters want to hear from them, and they don’t need to be textbooks -- they can simply share their own experiences.


“Dads aren’t going to talk to their daughters if they think what they say doesn’t matter. So we need to get over that important critical first hurdle to convince fathers that they really do matter that their daughters want to hear from them.”

The study shows parents often underestimate their influence on their children during those coming of age conversations.