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Flint funeral home shut down for health and occupational code violations

Flickr user Thomas Hawk

Workers at a Flint Funeral home could face criminal charges after state licensing officials found what they called “deplorable” conditions at the facility.

Regulators shut down Swanson Funeral Home on July 12th for violations which included:

  • Maggots on the floor of the facility’s garage and garage door.

  • Unrefrigerated human bodies were stored in the un-air-conditioned garage, some for more than 90 days and up to five months.

  • The building smelled of decomposing bodies.

  • Unsanitary preparation room without equipment or supplies necessary for embalming.

  • Blood and fluid stained casket pillows were laying in the hallway.

  • A failure to register as a “producing facility” and submit a Medical Waste Management Plan, under the Medical Waste Regulatory Act.

  • Repeated violations of standards and laws enforced by the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration affecting the handling, custody, care, or transportation of a dead human body.

Julia Dale is the Director of Michigan’s Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing Bureau. She said the state will continue its investigation into conditions at Swanson's and anyone held accountable could face criminal charges.

State officials said members of the public who are in the process of or have used the services of Swanson Funeral Home and have questions or concerns regarding the operation of the home should contact CSCL at (517) 241-7000.