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State provides tips to stay safe when dealing with fireworks

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Fireworks are responsible for roughly 20-thousand fires every year, which is why the state is reminding residents of the dangers of fireworks.       


Data show fireworks accounted for nearly 12 hundred emergency room visits and eleven deaths in 2015.


Kevin Sehlmeyer is Michigan’s state fire marshall. He said 2015 was the worst year for firework injuries in 15 years.


“Fireworks need to be lit outdoors like on a driveway or a paved surface if possible, but you cannot light them off in the street and that goes for all public property. Schools, churches, parks, that type of stuff. Fireworks under the Michigan Firework Safety Act can only be set off from private property.”


Sehlmeyer said if a firework doesn’t go off to, put it in a bucket of water, and do not try to relight it.


“I hope that Michiganders enjoy the Fourth of July, it is a time of family and getting together. We just want them to do it safely, we realize that fireworks are going to be used in the state, and you know an alternative to maybe having your own fireworks show save yourself some money and that is attend the professional shows.”


Sehlmeyer said sparklers burn at 1200 degrees and can severely burn people, and parents should be cautious, especially when handing them to children.


More firework tips can be found here.