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Nassar ordered to stand trial in Eaton County

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Former Michigan State sports doctor Larry Nassar will stand trial. This time in Eaton County.


The former Olympic gymnastics team doctor was back in court Friday.


Three former gymnasts who trained at a gym where Nassar volunteered say he sexually assaulted them while they were his patients.


One alleged victim said at the time she thought, “He was trying to help me because that’s what doctors are supposed to do.”


But she said, “Now I know that that’s not okay.”


Nassar didn’t testify during the hearing. But the Attorney General played an interview between Nassar and a detective.


In the video played at the hearing, Nassar says he was performing a medical procedure. A procedure that he probably performed over a thousand times.


Assistant Attorney General Andrea Povilatis says that so-called medical procedure was sexual assault.


She said Nassar penetrated the vaginas of young girls with his fingers without gloves or consent.   


“It is our position that he used his stature as a leading gymnastics doctor to gain access to these young women, to induce them not to disclose,” she said.


Nassar is already charged with over a dozen counts of sexual assault in Ingham County. Those cases were already sent to Circuit Court for trial.