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Apartments, roadways flood across mid-Michigan

Ben Thorp

Heavy rain has left roads collapsed and homes flooded across the mid Michigan.

Flood warnings have been issued from Isabella to Huron County.

Blanchard Road in Mount Pleasant collapsed leaving a five foot gap in the roadway. On Coleman Road, south of M-20, portions of the road collapsed outside a local home.

Aerial shot of Coleman Road

At the corner of Crapo and Bellows Street residents can be seen carrying pets and valuables out of their apartments, where some say they’ve seen up to a foot of water.

Tristan Wadle is a Mount Pleasant resident who came to help rescue her friends pets. She is parked a few streets up from the apartment complex and said she was up to her hips in water.

“My friend lives down on Flynn Street and she’s got about a foot of water in her apartment and three pets so I came out for a rescue. It’s probably five or six feet walking through, holding a cat carrier with fifty pounds of cats.”

Martin Danielski is a Mount Pleasant resident whose apartment flooded. He said he’s taking his dogs to higher ground.

“All the apartments are flooded out, Flynn Lane is flooded out, everything around us, I’ve got ten inches of water in my apartment and everybody around me has the same. I’ve lived here my whole life and I’ve never seen it this bad before.”

Several cars have been abandoned at the intersection of Crapo and Bellows with water up past the bottom of the doors.

The Campus of Central Michigan University is closed for the day and indicated in a press release that the Dow Science Building had taken on significant water.