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City of Jackson planning to apply for loan to replace water service lines containing lead

Flickr user Steve Johnson

The city of Jackson plans to apply for a loan that would jumpstart the replacement of water service lines containing lead.

The Jackson city council recently passed a 12-percent water rate increase. It will help pay for the replacement of more than 11-thousand lead service lines.

Public Information Officer Aaron Dimick says the revenue from that rate increase won’t begin to appear until 2023.

“So, if we wind up getting this $3-million from the state, that means that we can start work next year, and really ramp up the efforts.”

Dimick says the loan would allow the city to replace 18-hundred water lines in 2022. Over the past two years, the city has only installed new lines to about 100 homes.

Jackson officials hope for a response from the state on the loan application by this fall.