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Brood ten cicadas will likely appear in southern Michigan next week

The noisy brood ten cicadas are expected to appear in parts of southern Michigan in the next week.

These cicadas are most widely known for emerging every 17 years, and for the ear-splitting sound made by males during breeding season.

Michigan State University entomologist Howard Russell says they can produce a mating call that approaches 100 decibels.

Russel says that most brood ten cicadas in the state will likely be in Washtenaw County.

“If you wanted to go down to see the spectacle, the best place would be the Cherry Hill Nature Preserve east of Ann Arbor," Russell said.

Russell says in the past, the cicadas have shown up in Lenawee and Livingston Counties, with unconfirmed reports in Hillsdale County. They also have been reported as far north as Bloomfield Hills in Oakland County.