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Senator Stabenow introduces bills aimed at manufacturing to make products reduce carbon emissions


Michigan’s Senior Senator, Debbie Stabenow, has introduced legislation aimed at incentivizing manufacturers to make products that will reduce carbon emissions.

The bill, which Stabenow co-authored with West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin would provide $4 billion for auto manufacturers and $4 billion for coal companies by giving them a 30 percent tax credit to retool or build new facilities for products that reduce carbon emissions.

“We don’t have to be having that come in from overseas. We don’t have to have China doing the majority of the solar panels or the majority of battery cells. We don’t have to do that—we can do that. here. And these are great paying jobs, they’re union jobs.”

The Democrat says the bill is modeled after legislation she wrote in the 2009 economic crisis to buoy American manufacturing. Companies that make things like batteries, electric vehicles, or semiconductor chips will be eligible to apply.