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Opioid overdose rate rose in Michigan

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Preliminary data suggest that opioid overdoses rose in Michigan this year. The University of Michigan tracks fatal overdoses and how many the anti-overdose drug naloxone gets administered.

Jason Goldstick is a statistician and associate professor of emergency medicine at University of Michigan. He warns the data are incomplete, but the trend line is clear, especially for non-fatal overdoses.

Goldstick says many people have hypothesized a relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic and more overdoses—but it’s impossible to say for sure.

“It’s kind of hard to tell a causal relationship. But the overdose rates were higher this year than they were at the same time last year, for sure.”

Emergency medical personnel have administered naloxone more than 15-thousand times this year.”

And there have been more than 21-hundred suspected fatal opioid overdoses to date.