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FEMA opens document drop off site in Midland for flood victims

For Mid Michigan flood victims hoping to receive assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA is opening a physical site Tuesday to  drop off documents.

The document drop off site is in downtown Midland and is intended for people who have been asked to provide additional information for their disaster assistance applications.

Mike Wade is with FEMA. He said the site is for flood victims who aren’t able to send in documents either virtually or by mail.

“We are trying to keep as much precautions as we can to protect our employees as well as the citizens that come in there.”

Wade said normally the agency would have set up a physical disaster recovery center to talk with residents about their claims, but the pandemic made that impossible.

“People will still be required to stay in their vehicles and they will obviously be talking one on one with the people to hopefully provide them with the information they need protecting the workers as well as the citizens.”

Wade said it’s not clear how long the document drop off site will operate for but time is limited.

The deadline to apply for disaster assistance is September 8th.