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Comet will be visible for up to two weeks in Michigan - then disappear for 7,000 years


Researchers say the Neowise comet will be visible in Michigan’s sky for up to two weeks - before disappearing for seven-thousand years.

The comet will come closer to the earth until July 23rd, leaving a good window for residents interested in seeing it.

Sabrina Jauernic is with the National Weather Service in Gaylord. She said the comet is old.

“It’s been around nearly since the beginning of the solar system - nearly 4.6 billion years.”

Jaurernic said because of Michigan’s location the comet should be visible in the northwest sky both in the early morning and late evening for anyone who wants to see it.

“The best time to see it right now, especially if you live in Michigan, would to be go outside in the evening around 10 pm and look in the North - Northwest sky.”

It will be visible to the naked eye.