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As state opens back up, health officials urge residents to get vaccinated

Blind Grasshopper

State health officials are urging residents to keep up with their vaccinations during the pandemic.

Immunizations have fallen during the coronavirus outbreak and officials worry there might be another outbreak on the horizon.

State officials said there has been a 21% decline in the number of vaccines that have been administered in April among residents 18 and younger.

Bob Swanson is with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

“We’re concerned about our rates right now because we are leaving ourselves vulnerable. The more people who are not up to date on vaccines means they aren’t protected which means we’re susceptible to an outbreak.”

Swanson said just last year the state saw a large measles outbreak.

“If something like that was introduced into Michigan right now we would have the potential, with more susceptible, for that to spread much quicker. We’re worried about that.”

As things open back up, he said, residents should make sure to get vaccinated.