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Federal legislation would expand pandemic unemployment benefits beyond July


Congressman Dan Kildee has announced efforts to expand pandemic unemployment insurance and include benefits for students.

Pandemic unemployment insurance, which pays $600 per week, is set to expire in July.

Michigan Demoscratic Congressman Dan Kildee said his legislation would expand the insurance through December. He said it’s clear the impact of the virus, especially financially, will continue well past July.

“It’s very clear we have to provide extended unemployment benefits beyond July 31 to give people the financial tools they need to both follow the medical guidance they are being given and take care of their families.”

The legislation would also extend benefits to recent college graduates - many of whom may not have reportable income to qualify for regular unemployment insurance.

Universities are not required to report the wages of student workers.

Kildee said his legislation would also insure graduating seniors who aren’t able to land jobs can receive benefits.

“That student benefit would give $300 per week federal supplement for those new entrants to the work force or those students who because of their work in college would not have income that would qualify them.”

Congressman Kildee said the goal is to scale up unemployment insurance to meet the needs of everyone impacted by the pandemic.