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Midland costume designers make face masks

Dana Schramm
Facemasks made by Midland Center for the Arts

Some costume makers in Mid-Michigan have become medical suppliers. They’re using their sewing skills to make face masks for healthcare workers.

The Costume Goddesses at Midland Center for the Arts are switching from period-piece designs to making CDC approved face masks for local hospitals. 

Credit Josh Holliday
Josh Holliday
Costume Goddesses inside the costume shoppe

Dana Schramm is a Costume Goddess. She said the group of 7 volunteers are using costume shoppe materials to help create another option for medical professionals. 


“These are more for people who are not in contact with patients who are positive for COVID-19. Those people are able to use these masks and then preserve the more protective masks for medical professionals who are in contact with potential people with the virus.”


Schramm said the team of seamstresses produce more than 100 masks a day.


Hospitals accepting home-made masks include: Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, and McLaren Central and Northern Michigan.