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New legislation would require “medically accurate” sex education


New legislation in Michigan house would require “medically accurate” sex education.

The legislation would ban teaching religious doctrine as part of sex education, require sex education aknowledge different sexual orientations, and provide information on pregnancy outcomes including parenting, adoption, and abortion.

Democratic State Representative Rachel Hood is a bill sponsor. She said it is important to provide students with the information they need to make decisions about sex for themselves.

“We don’t put kids on a scooter with a blindfold, right? We want to make sure they have all the tools and resources they need when they ride that scooter for the first time.”

Hood said she doesn’t want the legislation to be seen as an attack on abstinence education, but she said it’s important to educate students about all of their options.

“Abstinence is great and I think people can educate for abstinence but shouldn’t educate solely for abstinence. Young people need to have access to science-based medical information in order to ensure they protect themselves.”

The bill would also require informational materials be provided to teach students about healthy relationships and how to overcome peer-pressure when it comes to sex.

Additionally, the bill would require students to learn about gender, gender expression, and gender identity .

Hood said it’s also important for students to understand consent.

“Providing kids with information about how to talk about consent and achieve consent will help to protect both young men and young women from making inappropriate actions unbeknownst to them.”

Hood said she needs to get support for the legislation from her Republican colleagues.