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EPA updating rules to prevent lead contamination in drinking water

Flickr User Cran Cowan

 U-S Environmental Protection Agency officials say they are updating their rules to better detect lead contamination in drinking water.

The agency says President Trump wants to ensure there is never another water crisis like the one in Flint.

 Flint’s water was tainted with lead in 2014.

E-P-A Administrator Andrew Wheeler says it took far too long for the agency…state and Flint officials…to let residents know about the situation.

He says the agency wants to let any customer know very quickly if high levels of lead are found in their drinking water. 

“They have to notify within 24 hours. In the past they had up to 30 days. It’s important that if it is above the limit that we get another source of drinking water to those families…particularly families with small children.”

Critics charge the rules don’t go far enough…because they don’t cut the overall level of lead that is acceptable in drinking water.