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State bill would block state funds from being used for most experiments on dogs


A new bill in the state house would ban the use of taxpayer dollars for experimenting on dogs in ways that might cause the animal pain or distress.

Lawmakers behind the bill say state residents are overwhelmingly opposed to testing on dogs - and taxpayer funding shouldn’t be put towards the practice.

Democratic State Representative Sara Cambensy is a bill sponsor.

“Some public institutions have used public tax dollars to support this type of research with dogs and we’re just putting the bill forward saying that can’t happen anymore,” she said.

The bills are backed by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - which advocates for plant-based diets and alternatives to animal research.

The group specifically names Wayne State University in it’s campaign, claiming the University has used over $11 million since 1991 on dog experiments.

Cambensy said there are clear alternatives to testing on dogs.

“This really is a choice where it might be cheaper for a university to go this route but it’s really inhumane,” she said. “I think that’s really where we want to push the button and ask these institutions to step up and be more accountable.’

A spokesperson for the University did not respond to our request for comment.