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Don’t miss your chance to see shooting stars


In Mid-Michigan the Perseid meteor shower can be seen across the state as summer ends. Astronomers said this year stargazers may have to head out a few days early if they want to get a glimpse of the shooting stars. 

Astronomers said the Perseid meteor shower peaks during the late summer every year in the Northern Hemisphere. 


This year the shower will be at its peak of August 12th. But, according to astronomers, residents may have to head out a few days early to find a good view of the shower.. 


Central Michigan University Physics Professor, Dr. Aaron LaCluyze, said the sky will be too bright to see shooting stars during the peak. 


“Unfortunately we are headed toward full moon, and a bright moon makes it harder to see these shooting stars, harder to see these meteor showers, so as we get closer and closer to peak time for the Perseid we get more and more of the moon.”


LaCluyze said people should head out between 4 and 5 in the morning in the days before the peak to get the best view. 


He said during that period stargazers will have a chance to see between 30 and 40 shooting stars each hour.