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Relocated Wolf found dead on Isle Royale


A wolf relocated to Isle Royale during the past winter was found dead. Officials said the cause of death is unknown.


  Back in March, the wolf’s tracking collar started transmitting the mortality signal. It wasn’t until mid-April, after the national park opened, that researchers found the black-coated male’s body in the middle of a swamp.


Liz Valencia is with the Isle Royale National Park. She said this was an unfortunate loss.


“It was too badly submerged and deteriorated to tell what caused it’s death. Unfortunately, we were hoping they would all survive when we put them out there but this type of thing does happen sometimes.”


Valencia said the other fourteen wolves seem to be doing fine.


“We have the three that appear to be traveling together. They’ve been in the same place at the same time, numerous times, but it is hard to tell if they are forming a pack.”


Valencia said researchers should know if they have formed a pack later this year. She said if the pack is forming then there could be wolf pups next winter.