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What you garden this year could help support a healthier ecosystem


The Chippewa Nature is Center is selling native plants May 23-25.


Gardeners say native plants help create a diverse ecosystem, provide food for wildlife, and are usually easier to grow.


Jeanne Henderson, an interpretive naturalist with the Chippewa Nature Center said “Native plants traditionally grow here in this region. They have adapted to our climate and soil so you don’t have to add a lot of fertilizer. You do have to add a bit of water to get new plants established.”


Henderson said native plants are key to a healthy ecosystem because they provide food for pollinators like bees and butterflies.


“If they don’t have those plants, they don’t have anything to eat. They might be out there flying around but if they can’t find the right types of plant they are going to die.”


Henderson said gardeners should look to native plants this year to help create a healthier ecosystem.


The center’s Native Plant Sale will be open to the public on Friday, May 24th from 9AM-7PM and on Saturday May 25th from 9AM-noon.


Henderson said there will be hundreds of plants up fors sale. She said there will also be experts available to help pick the best native plants for your home landscape.