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Wildlife managers bring wolves to manage Moose Populations

Flickr User Barbara Friedman

Moose populations are still going wild on Isle Royale. That's according to Michigan Technological University’s annual winter study.

But wildlife managers hope moving new wolves in will help restore some balance.

As of mid-2018, just one lone pair of wolves remained on Isle Royale.

Since then, the National Park Service has moved more than a dozen wolves onto the island.

The hope is to jumpstart the wolf population, which now stands at fifteen.

Michigan Tech research professor Rolf Peterson says there probably won’t be any wolf litters born this year, but...

“There are now enough wolves at Isle Royale so that somebody is going to reproduce by next year if not this year.”

The hope is that wolves can re-establish a predator-prey relationship with moose, whose numbers have surged to more than two thousand.