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New bills would allow libraries to carry life saving anti-overdose medication

Tammi Coles

New bills in the state senate would allow public libraries to carry emergency overdose medication.

Michigan’s public libraries would be allowed, though not required, to carry Narcan. That’s a life-saving medication that helps people experiencing a drug overdose.

Democratic State Senator Paul Wojno is a bill sponsor. He said several public library systems requested to be allowed to carry the medication.

“I believe in the Ann Arbor library there were eight incidences of heroin overdose within the library itself.”

Wojno said similar legislation was introduced last year but never passed.

“We are having an opioid crisis and it really is a huge problem not only here in Michigan but throughout our nation. We need to look at any tool possible to help in combating this crisis.”

He said he’s hopeful with bipartisan support from Republican State Senator Peter Lucido - the bill could pass during this session.

Libraries that carried Narcan would be required to train their staff in the use of the medicine.