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Michigan ranks fifth in the nation for clean energy jobs, according to a new report


A new report says Michigan ranks fifth in the nation for the number of jobs related to clean energy.

The report looked at clean energy jobs across the country and found that 2018 saw a 3.6% increase in clean energy jobs nationwide.

Bob Keefe is with E2, an environmental and business advocacy group that helped produce the report.

“Right now about 126,000 people work in clean energy and clean vehicle jobs in the state of Michigan. That’s about a 4% growth from last year.”

Keefe said the states with the most growth in clean energy sectors have the best clean energy policies.

“It’s places like Illinois, which is working on a 100% renewable energy standard. Now in Michigan, there is some action to increase the renewable standard as well. That would be great news in a state like that.”

Keefe said jobs need to be supported with clean energy policies.

He said President Trump’s rollback of fuel economy and energy efficiency standards threaten clean energy jobs.