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MSU opens healing fund for Nassar abuse survivors

Flickr User Ken Lund

Michigan State University has opened an intermediate healing fund to provide counseling services to survivors of Larry Nassar’s abuse after the original fund was closed at the end of last year.

It was closed by the school in December after being temporarily shuttered earlier in the year while allegations of fraud were investigated. Now, M-S-U has reopened an intermediate fund.

Trustee Brian Mosallam says he can’t say for certain when the fund will permanently reopen, but an intermediate fund is a good first step. 

“We’re inundated. We’re trying to work as fast and as hard as we can. And, I don’t want to give a time frame. But, we’re working. We’re working hard towards an amicable solution, to make this as best as we possibly can.”

Mosallam says this intermediate fund wouldn’t have been reopened without the three newest members on the board of trustees.


"It’s tremendous to have support. I mean I think before the end of last year, I said we were going to find the support and help was on the way. And, help has delivered. I’m just extremely grateful to have trustees Tebay, Schlichting and Scott aboard.”

The intermiediate healing fund will provide financial assistance to pay for counseling services for survivors who were student athletes, or seen at the M-S-U health clinic as well as their parents.

Investigations by M-S-U police into fraud that temporarily closed the original healing fund are still ongoing.