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House bill bans minors from tanning facilities

Nuyella |
Tanning Bed

Tanning could be an adult-only activity in the near future.

A new bill wants ban minors from using tanning facilities due to health risks.

“Most cases of skin cancer are caused by exposure to UV radiation which you can get from the sun, being sunburnt  or tanning,” said Dr. Joshua Meyerson, who is the Medical Director for the health department of Northwest Michigan.

“Indoor tanning in particular can expose people to excessive UV radiation,” he said.

As of now, minors can use tanning facilities in Michigan with a parent or legal guardian signature.

However, Dr. Meyerson said it is more dangerous for younger people to use tanning facilities compared to those who are older.

“The younger you are as UV radiation damage that can increase your risk of cancer is a cumulative kind of thing. To do that when you’re younger is a bad way to start of your lifetime risk of developing different types of cancer,” Dr. Meyerson said.

Under the new bill, facilities who allow minors to tan could face a $150 fine.