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One of Michigan’s primary blood suppliers says stores are critically low

Versiti Blood Center of Michigan

One of Michigan’s main blood suppliers says the freezing temperatures have kept people from donating blood - and there’s a shortage.

Versiti Blood Center of Michigan is issuing an emergency appeal for blood donations, saying its reserves are critically low throughout the state.

Dr. Lee Ann Weitekamp is the medical director of Versiti Blood. She said they supply blood to 70 hospitals across Michigan.

“We normally like to have four days of blood on the shelves and our O positive inventory is down to one day.”

Weitekamp said the cold weather limited blood donations.

“We lost in total for January about 80 blood drives which were about 1,500 to 3,000 depending on how many showed up, potential donors.”

Weitekamp said Versiti has eight donation centers across the state and urges residents to visit them if they can.