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Overcapacity centers continue to accept visitors

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Flint warming centers are at capacity but are still willing to let people in for shelter against the cold.


Officials said some warming centers are running at more than three-times capacity. People now are finding places to sleep on the floor.

Mary Stevenson is with Catholic Charities Center for Hope. She said the center is seeing a number of visitors.

“The larger portion of our visitors, are men, in the community,” she said. “But we are seeing families as well as a number of single women that are coming in.”

Stevenson said a recent donation has provided large mats for people to sleep on. She said, before that, visitors would sleep on the floor or put chairs together.

“Most of the people we see here, we see a large number of veterans that come and go,” she said. “A lot of them have difficulty staying overnight unless the weather is really serious.”

Stevenson said her center is looking for donations of food, clothing, blankets, and money.