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University of Michigan publishes new study on children/teen deaths

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More than half of the children and teens who died in 2016 across America lost their lives to preventable injures.

Lisa Barry reports on that and other findings from a new University of Michigan study.

Members of the University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center tallied data from a publicly available database and the death certificates of over 20-thousand children and teens who died across the country that year to come up with their findings.  They found 60 percent of them died from preventable injuries with motor vehicle crashes the number one cause, and firearms the number two cause of death in America’s youth.

That’s about 8 children a day according to the new U of M report published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  Firearm deaths affected all areas of America with the Ann Arbor researchers concluding urban adolescents are twice as likely to die in homicides compared to rural youth.