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Funding expands healthcare in rural Michigan

Flickr User Jeremy Page

A federal grant will help to expand healthcare services in rural Michigan using telemedicine.


The approximately half a million dollar grant focuses on the opioid crisis.

The funding will go to specific hospitals that can reach desired areas in the state and provide services those locations didn’t already have.

The grant will reach a number of counties including Montcalm, Grand Traverse, and Chippewa.

Jason Allen is the Director of Rural Development with the US Department of Agriculture in Michigan.

“Often small hospitals do not have the capacity to have psychiatric services, or emergency services available; and so they will be able to use telecommunications to work with counselors, psychiatric care, and legal services.”

Allen said a handful of hospitals around the state are making similar efforts, whether it pertains to opioid abuse or natural disaster relief, telemedicine is the direction we’re headed.