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Central Michigan University throws a thermal manikin baby shower

Central Michigan University hosted a baby shower Monday to celebrate it’s new baby….manikin.


It’s called a Sweating Baby Thermal Manikin. It will help students design clothes, bedding, and car seats for babies.

This is only the second manikin of its kind to be produced, the other one is in Australia.

Maureen MacGillivray is the director for the Center for Merchandising and Design Technology at CMU. She said students will begin using the manikin right away.

“We’re looking at the car environment, and we’re looking at car seats, and we’ll look at the insulation value of as I said candidate fabrics, we’ll look at natural fibers as well as the synthetic fibers. Most of the car seats right now have the synthetic fibers.”

MacGillivray said the baby’s name is Lumi. It was decided by a campus wide survey.